People you know or would like to know, if only in a fairy tale.
  • Allure

    The fragrance of her perfume is the poison that has lured many an unsuspecting victim.

  • Hatless Tim
    Hatless Tim

    A self portrait of the scurviest dog to sail the oriental seas.

  • Gypsy

    She tells many a tale by the flickering firelight.

  • Swamp Princess
    Swamp Princess

    Her beauty is as dangerous as it is seductive.

  • Sailoress

    Still she waits for the one to return who sails the ebbing tides.

  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty

    No one dares enter her dreams.

  • Spring Mood
    Spring Mood

    The turn of the season brings with it the fragrance of new blossoms.

  • Sultana

    The memories of finery are fading, but the unyielding hope and beauty of the Sultana live on.

  • Slumber

    Nothing quite so delicate as the dreams where she dwells.

  • Cavalier at Rest
    Cavalier at Rest

    The battle won, evening draws on.